Aug. 14, 2015

Sarah Stevenson likes to party. For a purpose.

Please join her friends and family and well-wishers on Sunday, Oct. 25 in Grimes Lounge on the Johnson C. Smith University campus at 100 Beatties Ford Road. For a purpose.

Fund-raising was looking bleak earlier. To make good on her pledge to two South African students looking to her to help finance a chance at an American college education, Sarah said she’d be willing to clear her meager savings account.  For a purpose.

Two young people have been raising money for airfare. They’ve been working on visas and all those other things involved in international travel. For a purpose.

As of this writing, Portia will likely be at the party. For a purpose:

To thank Sarah, and you, for making a dream possible.

Plan to be with Portia and Sarah and a lot of other people as everyone celebrates Sarah’s 90th birthday, and the start of a new adventure for Portia, and John who will join her at JCSU next semester.

A copy of the pledge card may be downloaded here as a PDF file. Print it, fill it out and mail it to the Stevenson South African Students Fund, PO Box 16634, Charlotte, NC 28216.

And Sarah will be looking for you in Grimes Lounge on Oct. 25.