• John may arrive in January
        Dec. 13, 2016: Sarah reports that John Malindi has received support for his flight to the States. He’s currently scheduled to arrive Jan. 2 or Jan. 3.
      • Stevenson honored at Gantt Center gala
        – Photos above and below by T. Ortega Gaines for the Gantt Center. Dec. 3, 2016 Sarah Stevenson was a founding board member of the Harvey B. Gantt Center in Charlotte. She ...
      • Appreciation for service to Missouri Synod
        Oct. 23, 1998 The writer, president of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, wrote Sarah Stevenson on the completion of Stevenson’s term on the church’s Board for Black Ministry.
      • Plaudits for work at Prince of Peace Lutheran
        Jan, 9, 2000 This letter was written to mark the end of Sarah Stevenson’s 1999 term as president of the congregation of her church, Prince of Peace Lutheran on Beatties Ford ...
      • Coalition of Lutherans in Black Ministry
        Sept. 19, 1992 Sarah Stevenson received this certificate for her “pioneering efforts, leadership and continuing support” from the Coalition of Lutherans in Black Ministry.  
      • Growing the Dream Awards 2016
        Photos courtesy of Jon Strayhorn  


      • Sarah Stevenson says thanks to supporters for boosting fund
        Nov. 17, 2015 Sarah Stevenson, who co-founded the Tuesday Morning Breakfast Forum, used the Forum this morning to announce fundraising results from her Oct. 25 90th birthday celebration.
      • 90: Praise and prayers for a committed public servant
        Oct. 25, 2015 “I don’t march,” Sarah Stevenson has often said. But at age 90 she is still bringing people together for community causes. AME Zion Senior Bishop George Battle noted her ...
      • Thanks to all who participated in today’s birthday celebration
        Oct. 25, 2015 Click here for video excerpts from Sunday’s event marking Sarah Stevenson’s 90th birthday and her ongoing efforts to raise money for tuition and fees so that two South African ...
      • A look back on occasion of a 90th birthday
        Oct. 24, 2015
      • The Program
         Download the program as a PDF file.
      • ‘We are celebrating, we are celebrating’
        Oct. 20 2015 Carlenia Ivory made the following announcement at the Tuesday Morning Breakfast Forum.
      • Surrounded by friends, and devoted to a mission
        Oct. 1, 2015 Portia writes: “This is the best thing about my job: Because I work with people who are selfless and challenge me to give my best in everything I ...
      • That all may eat
        Sept. 19: “The garden is in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood, at an apartment complex. I went with a few students from school as part of my community service hours. “We were removing ...
      • Where will you be?
        Sept. 17: What do Thomas Moore, Portia Motsapi, Ron Carter, Linda Straite Lynch, Bishop George Battle and Treva Pettis have in common? They’ll all be at Sarah Stevenson’s 90th Birthday Fundraiser on ...
      • A first volunteer job
        Sept. 16: Portia writes: “I got my first volunteer work” – a Friday evening stint volunteering at Festival in the Park on Sept. 25. “We all have got to start somewhere, ...
      • Sept. 6: Friends Indeed!
      • Sept. 5: First football
      • Getting acclimated
        Sept. 2: Portia writes: “My classes have been demanding. I’m enjoying my math a lot because I need extra help with that so I look forward to class for that new ...
      • ‘I’m going to make you all proud’
        Aug. 25: Portia addresses the Tuesday Morning Breakfast Forum in Charlotte.
      • Posing with Queen Go Go
        Aug. 25: Portia Motsapi, right, poses for a photo with Sarah Stevenson at the Tuesday Morning Breakfast Forum. In impromptu remarks, Motsapi thanked Forum participants who had donated money to ...
      • Hugs for Queen Go Go
      • Portia’s long flight over
          Aug. 22: “Geri and I picked Portia up at the airport this morning,” Natheley writes. “She’s adorable. “We took Portia by JCSU on our way back from the airport and introduced ...
      • Arriving at Gate …
        Aug. 21: Geri reports that, by way of Atlanta, Portia is due to arrive in Charlotte Saturday morning!
      • Visa released
        Aug. 18: Geri reports that Portia’s visa was released today. “She is working with her NYC sponsors to obtain her flight itinerary.”
      • Pledge now and plan to attend Sarah’s 90th Birthday Party
          Aug. 14, 2015 Sarah Stevenson likes to party. For a purpose. Please join her friends and family and well-wishers on Sunday, Oct. 25 in Grimes Lounge on the Johnson C. Smith University ...
      • Portia may be on way
        Aug. 13: Sarah reports that Portia may be arriving as early as this Saturday or Sunday!
      • Both students delayed
        Aug. 9: Sarah reports that Portia will be delayed in arriving in Charlotte for awhile, and John will postpone his arrival until time for JCSU’s spring semester. All funds donated ...
      • One arrival may be delayed
        Aug. 5: The donor who promised an airline ticket missed a meeting with John. Hopefully the donor will keep his promise, but as of today we’re not sure when John will ...
      • Sarah makes another plea
        Aug. 4: Sarah announced today that she needed more donors to step up. John and Portia “are still scheduled to be here this Sunday.”
      • Registration confirmed
        Aug. 2: “I did receive a call today from Dean Hurd confirming their class registration and housing assignment. What a blessing.” – Geri Crooks
      • Sarah issues a challenge
        July 28: Sarah Stevenson stood before the Tuesday Morning Breakfast Forum and said she was prepared to empty her personal bank accounts to make good on a promise. More on ...
      • Immediate need: $10,000
        July 28: “There is an outstanding balance of $10,000 of the $26,000 required for Portia and John to attend JCSU for one semester.” – Natheley McElrath
      • Arriving soon
        July 27: “We were very pleased to learn at yesterday’s meeting that our two students will be arriving Aug. 8 or 9 with the hope of starting at JCSU on ...
      • H. Allen Smith keynotes 2015 Growing the Dream Awards Luncheon
        Jan. 17, 2015 Dr. H. Allen Smith inspired the creation of Charlotte’s Growing the Dream Awards ceremony in 2014 when he was an area superintendent under Heath Morrison. Then he was ...



      • The First Stevenson Scholarship Fund Concert
        Jan. 13, 2013 Dozens of people attended, and even more contributed, to Sunday’s successful launch of the Sarah and Sammy Stevenson Endowed Scholarship Fund at Johnson C. Smith University. AME Zion Church ...


                • Remembering the Eastside Council
                  Feb. 28, 2007 Discussing the Eastside Council on Civic Affairs, from left: Jim Polk, Henry Wallace, Sarah Stevenson, Willie Davis, Leroy Polk and Malachi Greene. More here.


                • Fundraising with the Strouds
                  March 2, 2006 Sarah Stevenson joined Gerson and Daisy Stroud in a fund-raiser to create scholarships at the Gerson L. and Daisy Spears Stroud Foundation.


                • Women’s Equality Day 2005
                  Aug. 28, 2005 Sarah Stevenson was co-chair of the Women’s Commission Advisory Board as the group  honored four women and one business at a ceremony at Marshall Park.  
                • ‘Honoring those who came first’
                  Feb. 26, 2005 This Black History Month feature in the Charlotte Observer includes a picture of Sarah Stevenson taken for brochures in her 1980 bid for a CMS school board seat.


                • Law Day 2005
                  May 1, 2004 John Lewis was guest speaker at the Mecklenburg Bar’s annual Law Day observance.


                  • National Day of Prayer
                    May 3, 2002 Sarah Stevenson’s hands caught the attention of an Observer photographer at the Charlotte observance of National Day of Prayer on May 2.  


                  • Forum Christmas Party 2001
                    Dec. 18, 2001 Below is a program for the Tuesday Forum’s 2001 Christmas Party, held at McDonald’s Restaurant on Beatties Ford Road.





                      • Honored on Women’s Equality Day
                        Aug. 26, 1995 Sarah Stevenson received this commendation for volunteer service in conjunction with Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s celebration of Women’s Equality Day.
                      • CRC honor for volunteer service
                        June 1, 1995 Sarah Stevenson is honored for volunteer work with the Community Relations Committee.
                      • Mecklenburg Bar’s Liberty Bell Award
                        May 4, 1995 Sydnor Thompson gave this presentation when Sarah Stevenson was named the 1995 winner of the Mecklenburg Bar’s Liberty Bell Award, “honoring an individual who has performed community service ...


                        • Life membership in NANBPWC
                          July 23, 1993 Sarah Stevenson pays her fee for lifetime membership in the National Association of Negro Business & Professional Women’s Association, Inc.
                        • 1992 Woman of the Year
                          Jan. 27, 1993 Sarah Stevenson was honored as 1992 Woman of the Year. This clipping appears to be from the Charlotte Post.  


                          • ‘Save Our Children’ program, 1991
                            July 11, 1991 This Charlotte Post article notes a social function for children and their parents who were involved in a support program at the Anita Stroud Program at Fairview Homes. ...


                              • School board candidates debate busing
                                April 15, 1988 The Charlotte Observer offered this synopsis of the conversation among 14 school board candidates in the days leading up to a May 3 election for five seats.




                              • Sarah Stevenson Day
                                Feb. 24, 1985 An Observer report on how about 100 people gathered to honor Sarah Stevenson at a salute by the Black Women’s Caucus. Mayor Harvey Gantt and Commissioners Chair Carly ...


                              • Sworn in for 2nd school board term
                                Aug. 14, 1984 Photo shows the swearing-in ceremony for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education. Left to right: Ward McKeithen, Saran Stevenson, Don Austin, Carrie Winter, Betsy Bennett and Judge James B. ...
                              • Leaving leadership role in business women’s group
                                July 19, 1984 Members honored Sarah Stevenson at the conclusion of a term as president of the Charlotte chapter of the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc. ...
                              • 1984 election to school board certified
                                May 4, 1984 Sarah Stevenson saved her certificate of having been re-elected to the CMS Board of Education.


                              • Acknowledgement for Resolutions Committee work
                                March 12, 1983 Sarah Stevenson received this certificate for her work with the Southeast District of the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc.
                              • Speech by Joseph Lowery
                                March 10, 1983 The Rev. Joseph Lowery was third president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference on the day he spoke to a Charlotte audience.
                              • Charlotte Post’s Unique Black Women recognition
                                Feb. 10, 1983 In an interview with the Charlotte Post, Sarah Stevenson focused on black students having higher expectations for themselves, and greater parent involvement in education.



                              • Black Female Church Forum planned
                                Sept. 10, 1981 Sarah Stevenson was among the speakers at the first Black Female Church Forum held at First United Presbyterian Church, 201 E. 7th St.
                              • Progress toward women’s rights?
                                Aug. 27, 1981 In an Observer news story about the prospects for the Equal Rights Amendment, reporter Wendy Fox catalogued the “the progress – measurable if not, some would say, astounding ...



                                    • 1976 profile of Sarah Stevenson
                                      Oct. 13, 1976 The Observer’s Vanessa Gallman apparently wrote this Observer profile in connection with a UNCC class studying “Black Women in America.”


                                      • NAACP outstanding service award
                                        April 1, 1974 Sarah Stevenson received an outstanding service award from the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund at its annual meeting.


                                          • Successful end to a band uniform fund-raiser
                                            Nov. 24, 1971 Charlotte Observer librarian Maria David published this online “Retro Charlotte” column on Nov. 30, 2016 under the headline, “West Charlotte’s Marching Lions and their really good day, 1971.” The ...
                                          • PTA Council Annual Meeting
                                            April 22, 1971 Sarah Stevenson saved this program from the 1971 annual meeting of the PTA Council over which she presided as president. The meeting marked the end of her one-year ...