As 2021 opened, younger sister Elloree Erwin continued to update Sarah Stevenson’s friends on her condition and on ways to visit. Erwin’s updates in 2020 are here.

Nov. 13, 2021

Elloree Erwin, Sarah’s sister, writes, “Please share Sarah’s direct phone number. It is 980-335-0771. We’ve been successful in getting this done. It would’ve been done earlier had we known that we could have this done. Hopefully this means that her room number will not be changed by the facility.”

“She’s in very good spirits this morning.”

“Also, please send a big THANK YOU to all who dropped in for her 96th Birthday Celebration. It was simply Great and all had a wonderful time.”

Oct. 31, 2021

Elloree Erwin wrote today: “Many thanks to all who participated in her birthday celebration. She had a great time and was very happy to see her friends and family. We will have appropriate thanks in the mail soon. Again, thanks much. Her family.”

Sarah Stevenson, seated, with friends at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church on Sept. 19.

Oct. 13, 2021

Elloree Erwin wrote today:

“I’m so sorry that I’m just sending these beautiful pictures taken with Sarah at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church during our Celebration on September 19th. As you all may know that Sarah is having her 96th Birthday… God willing. We’re working with her facility to try to get her an outside visit. If we’re successful and can have her available for visits, we’ll let you all know. They’re had some bad press recently and they’re being very cautious with all residents.

“For those who’d like her address, it’s 9200 Glenwater Dr. Charlotte, N. C. 28262. It’s very difficult to reach her by phone. There are no phone lines in bedrooms. and she’s unable to use a cell.”


June 20, 2021

Elloree Erwin wrote:

“Sarah is doing well. She had a home visit two Sundays ago. It was for  four hours. Her son kept the visit for immediate family. We’ll advise when this is possible for others to visit her at her home on St. Paul Street.
We are doing some visits at the facility and some of you have had a chance to visit her. She’s always happy to see her friends. Continue to keep her in your prayers.”


April 22, 2021

Natheley McElrath writes:

“Elloree and I visited Sarah outside today and were allowed to touch her as long as we were masked. She was so happy when we hugged her!

“She said her whole body hurts when they take her out of the bed and sit her up, so it was a short visit but so rewarding.

“She said it’s OK for people to send her cards,” addressed to Sarah Stevenson, University Place Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, 9200 Glenwater Dr, Charlotte, NC 28262.

March 19, 2021

Elloree Erwin sent in this update on her sister Sarah Stevenson: “Natheley McElrath and I had a window visit with Sarah today. She looked very pretty. She was very alert and engaging for a short time. She said she wanted to go to bed because her legs were hurting. I think she wanted to go to her room to eat the goodies we’d brought for her. There’s no eating in the visiting area. The short visit was good, as we were able to see her.
I’m asking all to keep praying for her and thank you all very much for loving her.”

March 15, 2021

Elloree Erwin sent in this update on her sister Sarah Stevenson: “I’ve not been able to see or talk to Sarah for 2 weeks now. Her staff always say she’s fine and she’s always watching meetings on TV, or reading her newspaper. I hope to try to get a phone visit this week.”

Jan. 18, 2021

On Jan. 18, Sarah Stevenson’s sister Elloree sent in this update:

“Thanks to all who may want updates on my sister, Sarah Stevenson. There are changes again to Sarah’s availability to see her friends.

“We have her cell phone conveniently located near her in a new room, 314, which is not a window room. The number is 704-589-4818. She may or may not answer, depending on what’s going with her at that time. She’s promised me she’d answer it.

“Window meetings and I-Pad visits must be arranged through the activities department. After dialing 704-549-0807, which is the main line to the receptionist desk, ask to be transferred to the activities department. If you get someone, they’ll let you know her availability. I would suggest that, during the virus and cold weather, please try calling her cell for short talks. Sometimes she tires fast. She’ll let you know, or perhaps you can detect it in her voice.

“Her son, Tom, and I have been able to set up a tax-exempt account for her with the Birthday gifts some of you gave her. The Sarah Mingo Stevenson Legacy Account is at Mechanics & Farmers Bank, across from JCSU.

“Many of you asked what her needs were? Her personal needs are small outside what the facility is doing for her. Therefore, if you have a desire to contribute, make your check out to the Sarah Mingo Stevenson Legacy Account, take it by Mechanics & Farmers Bank, 101 Beatties Ford Rd. 28216, or I will deposit it if you send it to me at 1726 Woodvalley Dr., 28216.

“Mr. Willie Ratchford has sent me a copy of the peer mediation and dispute settlement program for students that Sarah supervised, and I’ve observed two mediator training classes, led by Ms. Maura Chavez, for North Mecklenburg High School students. We’ll get together later and see how we can combine these programs and then see how we can proceed. Those who’ve expressed an interest in helping with this, I’ll keep you informed.

“Many thanks and be safe everyone.”



Jan. 15, 2021

In a e-mail update, Sarah Stevenson’ sister Elloree Erwin wrote, in part:

“I’m sorry to say that the facility has had some positive COVID-19 cases and has had to change their rules again. You may call the facility at 704-549-0807, and ask for the activities office. This is their main line, and they’ll let you know if you can be accommodated. This means that they’ll bring her to a window, through which you may talk for a short period, weather permitting.”


Jan. 7, 2021

Sarah Stevenson’s sister Elloree sent this update earlier today:

“Now that she is in a window room, she can have unlimited visits. Please continue to call 704-549-0807 to make arrangements. Her room is just beyond the courtyard where the Birthday celebration was held. It’s the 2nd window. It’s Room 402.

“I visited with her Tuesday, a week ago. She was doing well and wanted me to tell everyone that she loves all of you, continue to pray for her and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR. Of course, she wants to go home to 2000 St. Paul St.

“HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL from me as well and thanks for loving and caring for my sister.”